What We Do - UWI

What We Do

United World Infrastructure (UWI) develops, invests in, and manages new urban environments. UWI cities are built to stimulate economic growth and drive investment, while responding to the need for cities to meet the social and environmental expectations of citizens and governments.

At UWI, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a city with world-class infrastructure which enables individuals and families to enjoy a higher quality of life.  We also understand the challenges that governments and the public face in acquiring the development expertise and capital required to accomplish this. To support these governments and the people they represent, we have developed end-to-end development solutions that provide world-class real-estate and infrastructure, new city development, and affordable and efficient city management services anywhere in the world.

Using in-house expertise, our teams follow carefully guided processes for executing all UWI infrastructure and real-estate projects: from creating a viable urban design plan for UWI built environments, to providing capital through UWI investments and infrastructure finance, to constructing green infrastructure and public amenities, and finally, to offering experienced UWI city management services.

Our aim is for all UWI infrastructure and real-estate projects, whether a whole city or within a city, to be economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable, and to enable new opportunities to meet community aspirations.

For each city, we consider a region’s unique characteristics, its people and its surrounds, to design and execute a master plan which addresses its specific social, economic, and environmental concerns and invite relevant development catalysts to the new urban development – such as schools, civic and entertainment destinations, as well as hospitals.

Our stakeholders gain an urban ecology that generates: substantial returns for institutional investors; strategic infrastructure assets, international resources, and technology transfer for local communities to experience social and economic growth; in addition to access to a robust job market, high-quality education, and health care.


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