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Developing Economic Clusters

UWI’s infrastructure and real-estate projects, whether a whole city or within a city, are designed to be economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable, and to enable new economic opportunities and social development for the full community. For each project, we consider a region’s unique characteristics, its people and its surrounds, to design and deliver prescribed infrastructure and real estate from an in house designed masterplan which addresses the specific social, economic, and environmental concerns of the community.

Land usage is pre-planned and real estate developments are strategically placed to deliver maximum benefits to the city. Large anchoring initiatives enhance investment returns, drive economic activity, and create job opportunities for local residents.

Strategically placed catalyst developments attract additional anchor tenants in supporting industries, which further drives economic growth.

UWI also provides a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ service to new businesses owners that streamlines and supports documentation and policy completion, through a centralized office in UWI’s cities.

Community spaces of international standard such as schools, clinics, pharmacies, police stations, green belt parks, and playgrounds distributed throughout the city maximize accessibility, and enhance social wellbeing. Culturally relevant architecture, multi-modal mass transport systems, and carless transport systems further support social wellbeing.

At the core of UWI’s developments, is this signature economic cluster model, that enables live, work, and leisure destinations to be located within walking distance from one another, to support a 24/7 life-cycle.

UWI’s economic clusters balance economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and target infrastructure systems such as footpaths and cycling tracks that improve walkability, and help reduce resource depletion.

Environmental considerations include landscaped public green spaces that are home to native species, encourage social engagement, to deliver livable cities that have high economic growth potential.

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