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Policy Frameworks

Developing Talent

UWI’s initiatives attract and develop globally competitive human capital while uniquely considering their local natural and built environments. UWI creates a platform that provides education and training programs, e-government services, civic and social infrastructure services, regional orientation sessions, and on-going support for proper integration while developing a sense of belonging and appreciation in the community.

With the local and national governments, UWI addresses corporate, employee and resident requirements for both an efficient business environment and a healthy natural habitat that promote a high quality of life. As new markets continue to emerge, there is an increasing demand for greater global mobility of high-skilled workers.


This can present a threat of ‘brain-drain’ in which regions lose the most creative and skilled members of their workforce or it can present an opportunity for ‘brain-gain’ in which regions attract highly-skilled workers with a diverse set of expertise which transfers to the full labor force.

UWI’s policy frameworks help governments attract these international flows of high-skilled talent by minimizing regulatory barriers, facilitating immigration and entrepreneurship, and by setting development standards which deliver best-in-class infrastructure and city services. Over time, the expertise is distributed through the workforce, adapted, and improved to deliver a new generation of modern management practices, technologies, and expertise.

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