Built Environments


Building Intelligent Infrastructure

Infrastructure systems that serve a city such as roads, bridges, water systems, sewage networks, electric grids, and telecommunications systems are vital to a city’s economic development and prosperity.

UWI’s cities provide sustainable, and resilient infrastructure systems of superior standards, that are installed upfront and in line with the city’s maximum capacities. This model allows accelerated development as developers are provided with land that is pre-connected to all infrastructure networks which supports business foundation, and accelerates development activities and economic growth of a city.

Partnerships with leading local and international infrastructure developers and operators ensure that UWI cities attain the highest quality city management services. Together with superior maintenance provisions, and smart city management services, this approach enhances the livability of a city and allows residents to thrive within a quality environment.

Residents, workers and visitors have access to energy efficient smart systems, multi-modal mass transit systems, open parks and green spaces, extensive walkways and cycling tracks for increased accessibility, quality sanitation, and a clean and healthy nature-infused environment.

UWI’s smart service delivery model works to improve livability. Its vision for a Smart City is informed by the latest technologies, research and developments in the field. UWI’s smart cities provide efficient, reliable and sustainable energy through solutions such as smart grids, smart metering, renewable energy sources, and energy storage. Systems are also used to analyze energy consumption, monitor demand and supply, and to assess future energy requirements. These superior sustainability solutions enhance quality of life by delivering smart solutions to those who live, work and visit UWI’s cities.


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