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Urban Ecology

The Inclusive City

By 2050, the urban population will have surged by 60%. For many, cities provide better futures with rising incomes and better access to higher-quality education, healthcare, formal and informal training, and employment networks.  When cities are designed for benefits to be experienced inclusively, they become hubs of opportunity, economic prosperity, and upward mobility.

UWI can work with governments and residents to plan, fund, and manage a city which addresses the unique needs of a diverse population – considering factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities, socio-economic status, and more characteristics which impact how we experience our environments.

Working with a representative team of stakeholders, UWI plans communities with affordable quality housing options, mixed-use environments, multi-nodal transportation systems, protected outdoor walkways, and guidelines for future building developers to further consider identified needs to make each area of the city accessible to its population.

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