Built Environments

Built Environments


Our economic cluster developments begin with a concept masterplan which balances economic, social, and environmental sustainability objectives.


We centralize infrastructure planning to provide developers with land connected to all infrastructure networks including sewage, power, fiber optics, water, and telecommunications.

Real Estate

We work closely with governments to establish urban economic clusters that serve as development platforms for socially integrated communities.

Flagship urban Developments

Our unique city model delivers exceptional social and economic returns to governments, corporates, and citizens.

  • Citizens
  • m2 walkways
  • acres of parks
  • jobs created

Urban EcologyUrban Ecology

The Happy City

We measure the happiness and wellbeing of our future residents and then work to meet their needs to be healthy, happy, and prosperous.

The Inclusive City

We look beyond existing standards of practices to create cities which better address differences in age, gender, socio-economic level, ethnicity, disability, and other diverse populations.

The Resilient City

Working with leading experts, we develop infrastructure which enables urban resilience in preparation for climate change, natural phenomena, economic shifts, and other urban events.

The Smart City

We harness today’s innovations in digital technology to monitor, analyze, and maintain urban landscapes in real time.

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City ManagementCity Management

Municipal Services

Our city management services include utilities provision, estate management, and integrated facilities management services.

Community Engagement

Cooperation with local stakeholders, community representatives, and the local government enhance our community services.

Operating Partners

We offer a portfolio of centralized retail service management solutions, which include facilities management, estate management, and security management.


Public Asset Management

Our approach to managing public assets is driven by local stakeholder objectives including economic, environmental, and social impact targets.

Proprietary Assets

We are a fully invested partner, committing proprietary capital to projects.

Our Urban Portfolio

We are a global developer, investor, and manager of new and complete urban environments.

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Key Milestones In Medini City

Medini City is UWI’s nine square kilometer urban development located in the Iskandar region of Malaysia. Development of the city began in 2007, with full infrastructure in place by 2012.

Policy Frameworks

Policy Frameworks

Building Industries

Building Industries

We work with governments and their associated advisors to establish a portfolio of fiscal and non-fiscal incentive packages.

Developing Talent

Developing Talent

We offer a platform that provides education and training programs, e-government services, and civic and social infrastructure services.

Enhancing Livability

Enhancing Livability

With the local and national government, we address corporate, employee, and resident requirements, which promote a high quality of life.

Facilitating Business

Facilitating Business

We collaborate with governments to establish a one-stop-shop (OSS) providing world-class governmental services for established businesses.

UWI plans, funds, and manages next generation cities.

We are a privately-held company that collaborates with public stakeholders to establish national infrastructure.

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