The Resilient City - UWI

Urban Ecology

The Resilient City

UWI designs and equips its cities to manage natural and socio-economic stresses. At the planning stage of UWI’s cities, each potential location is assessed and evaluated against hazardous natural disasters that are common in the area. To safeguard residents of the city, UWI ensures quality infrastructure is completed to international standard. UWI’s flagship city, Medini in Iskandar Malaysia is designed to withstand major flooding through the inclusion of oversized storm water drainage, as the city falls in a high rainfall catchment area.

Similarly, UWI considers socio-economic stresses on the community, such as the safety of residents. Through mixed use developments, UWI cities provide a 24-hour cycle, to offer an environment that is active at all hours of the day, and eliminates dark, secluded spaces, that could be high target areas for crime. Mixed use developments also provide easily accessible residential, employment and leisure spaces that are situated within walking distance from one another to reduce transportation costs, support economic activity, provide lifestyle enhancements, and lower carbon emission levels.

UWI cities also incorporate intelligent technological solutions such as solar panels, interactive training and education programs, progressive security systems, and an interactive community portal to provide residents with a safe and quality environment.

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