Medini Development Project

UWI and Medini Iskandar Development Malaysia

United World Infrastructure (UWI) partners with governments worldwide to invest in, design, construct, and operate new developments such as Medini Iskandar Malaysia.  Medini Malaysia is 2,230 acres of land in Johor, Malaysia, 40 minutes from Singapore’s Changi Airport, and developed by UWI in partnership with Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Mitsui & Co. 

Through its yield-driven master plan for the built environment, investment strategy, policy framework development, and partnership structuring for city management services, this iconic project has a vibrant urban ecology, 24-hour lifecycle and continues to attract additional foreign direct investment, residents, and new businesses. Watch the video 

Medini Iskandar Malaysia’s  Urban Ecology                                                                                    
In line with Iskandar’s economic development vision, UWI attracted anchor development catalysts to the Medini project within the leisure, healthcare, education, and media sectors. UWI’s master plan envisioned a mixed-use project with 4 themed economic clusters built for a cosmopolitan population:

  • Logistics: warehousing, distribution, packaging, business process outsourcing
  • Lifestyle: LEGOLAND theme park, Mall of MediniGleneagles HospitalAfiniti, Urban Wellness Project
  • Business: commercial centre, SME business park, hotels and hospitality facilities
  • Living: luxury landed properties and condominiums, clubhouse, resort, private school, commercial center

Medini Iskandar Malaysia’s  Built Environment 
UWI developed a yield-driven master plan, reserving a generous area for infrastructure and public area, and invested approximately USD 500 Mn. upfront for complete development of the infrastructure outlay.  Each land plot within the Medini development was fully integrated within the complete infrastructure network including:

  • 60 kilometers of roads
  • 58 covered bus stops
  • 1000 custom lamp posts
  • 500 thousand PE sewage treatment plant
  • 18 Mn. gallon water reservoir
  • Back-up power distribution network
  • 6-way ducts and fiber optics cable network

Medini Iskandar Malaysia’s  Policy Framework 
UWI worked with Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) to create a policy framework attractive to businesses and investors, including:

  • Investor friendly policy environment
  • One-stop-shop
  • Fiscal and non-fiscal benefits
  • Area-specific incentive package
  • Logistics, leisure and tourism

Medini Iskandar Malaysia’s  City Management services 
To ensure high-quality operational services of its infrastructure assets, UWI structured new partnerships with local and international service providers for Medini’s city management services and smart city services including: 

  • Utility services: power , water, sewage, ICT & telecommunication, transportation
  • Community services: facilities management, estate management, security, district cooling, advertising, parking, smart card services, waste collection and disposal, pest control, parks and greenery management
  • Social services: employment, health, education & vocational training

Medini Iskandar Malaysia’s  Investments 

In addition to its own investment, UWI created a commercially viable master plan and a yield-driven investment model to attract over 30 companies from diverse regions resulting in:

  • Expected GDV of USD 22 Billion by 2027
  • FDI injection of USD 1.5 Bn by 2015
  • Investors include: Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Mitsui & Co., Mubadala,  Kuwait Finance House, Employee Provident Fund Malaysia, Millennium Development, Temasak Holdings, United World Infrastructure
  • Strategic Developers: Sunway, Aldar, Zhuoda Group, E&O