Infrastructure Finance

Infrastructure Finance Overview

Infrastructure financing is a method for paying for real-estate and large-scale projects – such as economic clusters, free-zones, and smart city systems – through private investment based upon anticipated cash-flows from the completed project. Investors raise equity and manage debt raised from banks and other lenders. Once the project is completed, cash-flows from developers are used to repay loans and realize returns to investors.

As developing countries work to improve their infrastructure, and as more and more people migrate to cites, the need for infrastructural support globally is outpacing the supply of new projects.  Private infrastructure finance companies help close the funding gap worldwide. 

UWI’s Advantage in Meeting Citizen, Government and Investor Needs

United World Infrastructure (UWI) is an investment and development company in Dubai with global offices and operations in the USA and UAE.  At UWI, we provide end-to-end development solutions: we invest in, finance, build and manage our real estate and development projects.   Our in-house collaboration between technical and financial experts deliver the requisite returns for project finance and development.

At the onset of a project, we invest our own capital in projects through public-private partnerships with governments worldwide. Our technical and financial teams work together to develop a yield-driven master plan that maximizes the benefit to the public and optimizes returns to investors.

We partner with international property development agencies, global financial institutions, and infrastructure finance companies.  Our partnerships are able to finance infrastructure development in Dubai and globally.  These partnerships offer a variety of financial products and create greater value for our real estate and property assets. 

At the completion of the project, revenues from city management services provided through infrastructure and commercial concessions – such as transportation, telecommunications, advertising rights, power and water – enable stable returns to our investment partners.

Infrastructure Finance