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City Management Overview

City management services include utilities provision, estate management, and integrated facilities management services.  Utilities services are provided by the physical infrastructure and include: power distribution, water distribution, sewage treatment, telecommunications, and transportation.  Estate management services include regular maintenance and upkeep for: roads, public areas, landscape, parks, street and traffic lights, and waste collection.  Integrated facilities management services include: building maintenance, façade cleaning, air conditioning, fire protection systems, cleaning services, pest control, landscape, parking management, and security services.

In the past, governments were responsible for providing most city management services through taxes or through the operating companies they contracted. Today, public-private partnerships provide market-place competition to deliver more affordable, efficient, and uninterrupted service.  Private companies obtain infrastructure concessions from the government, granting them the rights to operate, maintain, or manage specified infrastructure and real estate assets for a period of time. Private city management services companies apply their technical and business expertise to maintain the assets and deliver the highest-quality services under government supervision.

UWI’s Advantage in Meeting Citizen, Business, and Government Service Needs

At UWI, we form public-private partnerships with governments to provide end-to-end solutions for real estate and infrastructure development requirements: we invest our own capital upfront, select additional infrastructure investors, develop assets according to our master plan we have designed, and structure partnerships for city management services with providers through infrastructure and commercial concession agreements.

During the design stage, our technical and financial teams work together to balance infrastructure quality and affordability in a way that is sought by the cities we develop.   Once the infrastructure is complete, we create new partnerships with experienced local and international service providers to ensure the high-quality service provision we envisioned from our original design, investment, and development.  Appropriate maintenance and service increases utility efficiency and environmental sustainability.  

While there are many facilities management services companies in Dubai, and globally, we are singular in forming partnerships with providers of both estate and facilities management services to our global developments. We know that clean and fully-maintained buildings and grounds contribute to a happier living environment, support green building efficiency, and lower long-term upkeep costs.

Bulk Services